Our procurement clients are large and/or public enterprises that typically have:

  • Invested in spending policies, savings strategies, and optimal sourcing strategies
  • A good understanding of the points of leverage in their supply markets such as, industry best practices, vendor competencies, pricing and supply trends, and alternative logistics and supply chain strategies
  • Devised methodologies for ensuring sourcing strategies and policies are employed consistently across the organisation with structured, repeatable processes
  • Developed strong supplier relationships with agreed uniform engagement approaches
  • Made extensive investment on contract and project management capabilities to execute significant spending programmes with their vendors
  • Complex stakeholder environments with multiple internal perspectives.

A common challenge for these enterprises is where process is not enough in itself. The complexity of procurement policy and business rules is such that controlling the quality of tendering outputs using manual document templates is prohibitively expensive and time-consuming.

The quality of manually created documents effectively undermines the investment in procurement capabilities.

In these circumstances, we help clients get everyone on-board with a systematised solution that makes decisions and rules transparent, locks down elements that are predefined organisationally in accordance with procurement methodologies and tactics, and leaves appropriate flexibility for procurement and contract specialists to create documentation specific to their requirements. Ezidocs solutions for procurement are extremely efficient to operate and deliver a high degree of confidence in consistency and compliance. The quality results offer significant cost benefits for both the organisation and the supplier industry.