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passion as channelled emotion

One irony in modern business theory is how we are encouraged to be purely rational operators and yet also encouraged to be passionate about our brand. Rationality makes for more collective productivity as all elements of the business machine can be better controlled and directed.  Passion is an emotional response to challenge - a way to harness and focus powerful and positive human instincts. The truth is you need both to various degrees and where you strike the balance depends on your business reality.  If your industry is mature and your model built on predictable efficiency, then you may feel less need for passion and greater need for productivity. But if your business is in a more disrupted space and you are competing for position, passion can be the X factor that sparks creative solutions and drives your team to win.

We need to acknowledge that business is made of people and, not only is it the talents of passionate individuals that fuel change, but it is emotional appeal that binds the rational elements of our brands into customer winning formulas. Sure, uncontrolled emotions can drain and misdirect a business, but emotions channelled toward business ends as passion can be the secret to success and achievement of purpose.