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We make the complex easy!


How Ezidocs makes life easier for your business

Running a business is demanding.


And the bigger the business, the harder it gets, and more costly the mistakes.  

Be more efficient, save costs and control the risk of error in your important customer documents and transactions.

With Ezidocs we make it possible for your people to create and manage

even the most complex business processes and documents, effortlessly.  


We tailor our services to meet your requirements.

we get to know your business 

we set up the templates 

we tailor Ezidocs to work for you

we are there when you need us


we get to know your business

Like people, every business is unique, from its culture and environment to how it needs to engage with customers. 


To get the best out of your Ezidocs solution we work with you to get to know how your business, people and customer engagement works and what productivity gains can be made.

we set up the templates

Every document has its own job to do.  We begin setting up the document templates once we understand what that job is. 


It's the task of our document modelers' to break the document apart and apply the required business, content and workflow rules for the document to work for the business.   

we tailor Ezidocs to work for you

Once we capture your business reality we can begin tailoring the Ezidocs solution to work for you.


Ezidocs will be configured to manage your specific business process, template, workflow, reporting, dashboard, integration, content and user management requirements.   

we are there when you need us

Once implemented, producing documents is as simple as your team accessing your secure site from their browser.

As a hosted solution, changes or updates are easy to make and don't interfere with day-to-day business.  Management of any change or additional template requests are part of our service.


You won't believe it until you try it

Image by Tezos


Get more done in your work day, with less stress


  • Web delivered:  anywhere, anytime access 

  • Visually Intuitive interface:  easy to use - no training required

  • Content management:  controlled document creation saves time and stress

  • Contextual help:  tips and guidelines assist users when and as they need it

  • Capture IP:  secure intellectual property in-house

  • Multi-role workflow:  locked-in collaboration, review and sign-off 

  • Tracking and reporting:  achieve real-time visibility of data for better decision making

  • Integration management:  integrates seamlessly with third-party services

  • Admin management:  manage content, creation and access to templates for total control

  • Reminders and calendar alerts: for built in reliability and efficiency

  • PDF production:  reduces risk of unauthorised changes by locking down the document

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